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As more brands surface to join the already competitive market, getting your products and services recognised and purchased by prospects gets more challenging daily. It’s why explainer videos have become an effective marketing tool for many firms. These videos are brief, creative, and captivating enough to immerse an audience in the information while spurring an emotional connection with the brand. And if you’re thinking of using one for your company, you should understand the numerous areas where you can get them.


You can hire a freelancer for the lowest budget to make your video explainers. Freelancers are usually individuals skilled in animation and video production services and can be found on numerous online platforms like Freelancer and Fiverr. You may even come across some on threads like Quora and Reddit or social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, where they showcase their past works and samples.

Low cost is the most significant advantage of hiring freelancers to make your video explainer, especially if you prefer animated options. But even at that, the price range varies with the creator’s reputation, expertise, and popularity. The major drawback with hiring freelancers for explainer video production projects is you mostly don’t get the full-service package from them. While most are highly skilled at graphics and animation, they still need extra help in scripting, storyboarding, illustrating, and other processes.

Small Studios

One significant advantage this option has over freelancers is they comprise more than one person. And though the crew may not be more than two or three people, they’re undoubtedly professionals in video production duties. Most small studios usually house animators, graphic designers, and illustrators, while in other cases, a video technician is available for live-action projects. But like freelancers, they don’t always run all the necessary services required for video explainer production.

Most times, small studios partner with external companies and firms to complete your projects. The partnership varies with what they lack, meaning the external services may be from scriptwriters, storyboard artists, illustrators, sound effects engineers, and others. Sometimes, a small studio may be upfront with you and ask for these items before commencement.

Explainer Video Production Agencies

Explainer video production houses are the highest levels of solicitation you can consider. These agencies are structured to deliver every necessary service connected with video explainer production and marketing. With a quality explainer video production firm, you can get animators, scriptwriters, sound engineers, video editors, illustrators, and storyboard artists working on your project. And the best ones also have cost accountants and marketing experts for extra consultations regarding your explainer videos.

Most explainer video services come with high charges, but it’s not always in vain. The costs usually cover the project from start to finish while also taking your input every step of the way. Explainer video production agencies also guarantee high-quality results with the highest levels of customisation possibilities to give your videos the ultimate distinction from others.

The Bottom Line

Picking where to get a video explainer can be challenging, especially when you weigh the benefits of freelancers, small studios, and explainer video production houses. But eventually, the ultimate decision falls on how much you want your marketing plan to succeed, which means you would like to go with the best option.

We recommend an explainer video production firm like Zelios Agency over any other option. With them, you get the full attention and focus on your concepts, resulting in some of the most captivating and immersive video explainers you’ll ever encounter. So, why not mail us today and get us started with your next video explainer project?